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Croutons unusual

Croutons unusual Ingredients: -Baton Cheese -Sausage -Eggs Preparation: 1. On a coarse grater three cheese, three sausage too. Trying to drive 2 eggs. 2. Mix. 3. With a fork blend in pieces of bread (and stale) our stuffing. Can the bread be cut in half. 4. Raskachaem the oil in a pan, make the fire […]

Egg cobbler

Egg cobbler     Ingredients: ●1 threaded white baton dial, ●4 eggs, ●3 tomatoes, ●0.5 kg of ham, ●150 g of cheese, ●100 g butter, ●150 ml of milk, ●salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste. Preparation: Spread a thin layer of butter the slice of bread. Put them (put on «the edge») in a greased form. […]

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