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Grapefruit-mint Mojito

Grapefruit-mint Mojito Ingredients: sugar — 0.3 cups water — ½ Cup mint leaves — ½ Cup red grapefruit — 1 PC. white rum — ¾ Cup ice — 3 cups mineral water — 1 glass Preparation: 1. In a saucepan bring to boil sugar and water. Remove from heat, add mint leaves, cover and leave […]

Hemingway Special

Hemingway Special0 Ingredients: Havana Club rum — 80 ml grapefruit juice — 50 ml Maraschino liqueur — 20 ml crushed ice Preparation: If you don’t have crushed ice, put it in a blender and lightly blend. After you add all the other ingredients in a mixer and beat for another 10-15 seconds. Pour into a […]

Alcoholic ice tea-lemonade

Alcoholic ice tea-lemonade Ingredients: tea — 2 large bags boiling water — 1/2 Cup mint — 8 pages lemonade (from concentrate) — 4 cups vodka — 1/2 Cup ice cut 1 lemon and 1 peach, for submission Preparation: In a medium bowl, brew the tea and leave for 4 minutes. Throw away the bags. Rastolita […]

Smoothie persimmon

Smoothie persimmon Ingredients: Orange — 1 PC. Persimmon — 3 PCs. Ginger root — 2 cm Cinnamon — 0.5 tsp. Water — 0,5 V. Preparation: 1. Peel the persimmon from the bones, cut into pieces. 2. Orange peel skin. 3. Load the blender with fruit, ginger and cinnamon, add water, shake all, pour into glasses.


6 YEAR OLD HEALTHY DRINKS Deduce from an organism all harmful. Best recipes detox! 1. The Apple and cinnamon. Finely chop one Apple and pour 500 ml of pure water, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, cool and drink throughout the day. The combination of apples and ground cinnamon can help you normalize metabolism and clean […]

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