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«The fish in the potatoes»

«The fish in the potatoes» Ingredients: — 500g fillet any fish — 4 raw potatoes — 1 egg — salt, pepper — vegetable oil for frying — green 1. Fish fillets cut into serving pieces, season with salt and pepper and let it sit a little. 2. Potatoes wash, peel, grate on a coarse grater. […]

Swedish herring salad

Swedish herring salad two fillets of herring Onion Three potatoes, One alyssum A pair of large pickled gherkins Cup sour cream A couple of spoons of mustard A pair Bunch of dill. Boil potato and alyssum. Cook the eggs. If a herring — parse it into fillets. Peel the onion. Boiled potatoes and a beet, […]

Fish in potato crust

Fish in potato crust 4 carcasses tilapia (or other white fish such as cod, Pixy, etc.) 2 eggs 4 potatoes 2 tbsp flour + flour for boning sunflower oil salt Preparation: The three potatoes on a coarse grater. Squeeze hands, went to excess moisture. Add eggs, flour, salt and mix. Carcass tilapia take a chicken […]

Fish baked in egg with mayonnaise

Fish baked in egg with mayonnaise Composition: -fish -eggs -bow -mayonnaise cheese Preparation: 1. Fish fillets wash, dry, if there is bone — it is better to cut them. (D. CL. used fish Tilapia — ready fillet is sold almost everywhere, costs about 140-170 p/kg) 2. Lay the fillet on the pan, greased with oil, […]

Herring the Dutch way

Herring the Dutch way Ingredients: -Fresh-frozen herring — 2 PCs., -Onions — 2 PCs., -Lemon — 0,5 PCs, -Sugar — about 6 teaspoons, -Salt — 4 tsp, -Carrot — 1 PC., -Bay leaf — 10-12 PCs., -Black pepper — 8-10 peas (coarsely chopped) Output: two 0.5 liter jars (4-6 servings) Preparation: Lemon cut into thin […]

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