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Rolls of pork with pineapple and cheese

Rolls of pork with pineapple and cheese Pork tenderloin with a thin fat layer — 1 kg; Cheese «Gouda» — 120 grams; Canned pineapples pieces — 100 grams; Mayonnaise — 2 tbsp; Salt, black pepper; Vegetable oil for greasing the form. Description of cooking process: Pork baked with pineapple under cheese and mayonnaise coat — […]

steam chicken roll.

steam chicken roll. Ingredients: two kinds of chicken: chicken legs and chicken breast. parsley, garlic salt,pepper Leg to release from the bone, leaving the skin. Cover with cling film and lightly beat off. The meat is well season with salt and pepper. Finely chop the parsley leaves and the garlic. On chopped chicken leg put […]

Doner kebab

Doner kebab Ingredients: 1 fresh Armenian lavash 400 g chicken fillet 2 cucumber 2 tomatoes 1/2 bulbs a few sprigs of cilantro or parsley 1 tsp ground black pepper 1 tsp of cumin 1 tsp ground cardamom 1/2 tsp turmeric 1/2 tsp dried garlic 1/4 tsp paprika 1/2 tsp salt 1 tbsp vegetable oil for […]


CHEESE—MEAT LOAF Ingredients: hard cheese 200 gr. eggs 3 PCs. semolina 3 tbsp mayonnaise 100-150 gr. Filling: beef 500 gr., eggs 2 PCs., onion 1 PC., salt, pepper. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater, mix with eggs, semolina and mayonnaise. Mass put in a baking pan, covered with parchment, and bake in the oven […]


ROLL THE «SNOW WHITE». 130g + 60g mayonnaise (or sour cream) 4 PCs chicken eggs 2 PCs processed cheese (Friendship) to taste dill (fresh) 1 clove garlic to taste black pepper salt to taste 1 PC. carrot The tastiest and most tender rolls I’ve ever eaten. He won me over at first bite. Now, no […]

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