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Salad A La Caesar

Salad A La Caesar Green salad 150 g Chicken egg 2 PCs. Olive oil 30 ml Garlic cloves 1 PC. Chicken breast 200 g Parmesan (Parmigiano Reggiano) 100 g Cherry tomatoes 200 g Crackers 100 g white The American Caesar sauce 100 ml First cook the eggs, at the right time they were ready and […]


LAYERED SALAD WITH MEAT 200 g pork 2 PCs. pickled cucumber (salted) 2 PCs chicken eggs 100 g cheese to taste mayonnaise 2 pieces walnut As I have no special form for salads, I used a plastic container, which cut out the bottom. At the bottom lay a piece of pre-cooked pork and shredded in […]

Salad «Nest of grouse»

Salad «Nest of grouse» Ingredients: 0.5 kg of cooked meat (chicken, beef or lean pork) 0.5 kg of raw potatoes 2-3 cucumber 2 onions 5 eggs 100 g of hard cheese 200-250 g of mayonnaise bunch of dill salt vegetable oil for frying 1.Boiled meat (I lean pork) cut into thin strips. 2.Onion cut into […]

Snack «Herring under a fur coat»

Snack «Herring under a fur coat« Convenient and tasty! Disposable cups cut to the middle, put it on the bottom a circle of a fresh cucumber, boiled egg on a small grater, herring, cooked carrots, a bit of mayonnaise and beets… flipped onto a plate, decorated by olive… Bon appetit!

Walnut salad with squid

Walnut salad with squid Products: 500 gr. squid (I got 3 things) 300 gr. fresh mushrooms 1 onion (optional) 70 gr. walnuts 100 gr. hard cheese garlic clove mayonnaise salt herbs for decoration Prepare: 1. Squid clean from skin, throws in boiling lightly salted water. Cook for 3-4 minutes. Throws in a colander. 2. While […]

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