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Creamy mushroom sauce

Creamy mushroom sauce Ingredients: Mushrooms – 300 g Onions – 1 medium head Cherry tomatoes – 200 g Cream 35% — 100 ml Garlic – 2 cloves Olive oil for frying Preparation: 1. Mushrooms cut into slices or into quarters. Onion cut into small dice. Tomatoes cut into halves or quarters. 2. In skillet, heat […]


CREAMY POTATO SAUCE This thick, pleasantly spicy and very nutritious sauce. INGREDIENTS: 3 small, boiled in their skins potatoes; 50 ml olive oil; 250 gr. sour cream; 3 cloves of garlic; 0,5 teaspoon of salt; a few sprigs of dill or parsley; a couple of pinches of black pepper; 20 ml. lemon juice (optional).   […]

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