cheese casserole

cheese casserole

-500 g of cottage cheese
-3 eggs (to separate the yolks and whites)
-5 tbsp. semolina
-3 tbsp sugar
-1 tsp of vanilla essence
-1 tbsp baking powder
-raisins or dried cranberries — to taste

1. All of the products from the list, except egg whites, mix thoroughly. In a separate bowl with a pinch of salt beat whites until soft education peaks. Pre-heated the oven to 180 degrees C.
2. Carefully admixed to cottage cheese weight proteins and pour the finished mixture into the form, greased with butter.
3. Put in the oven and bake about 45 minutes, until a Golden crust.
4. Serve the pudding warm with sour cream or jam

Salad «Nest of grouse»

Salad «Nest of grouse»

0.5 kg of cooked meat (chicken, beef or lean pork)
0.5 kg of raw potatoes
2-3 cucumber
2 onions
5 eggs
100 g of hard cheese
200-250 g of mayonnaise
bunch of dill
vegetable oil for frying

1.Boiled meat (I lean pork) cut into thin strips.
2.Onion cut into half rings and pour boiling water for 10 minutes to left bitterness.
3.Potatoes cleaned, RUB on a grater for Korean carrot and well washed in water, leaving the starch.
4.Personal experience: to save time, I decided to grate the potatoes on a large grater, after which it was fried. The potato got stuck. You only need to use a grater for Korean carrot!
5.Fry the potatoes for 2-3 servings vegetable oil until Golden brown.
6. Cucumbers cut into thin strips.
7.Boil the eggs and separate the yolks from the protein. Protein RUB on a coarse grater, and yolks leave for the formation of eggs that will be placed in the nest.
8.Mix the meat, onion, protein, cucumbers, roasted potatoes, part of which we leave to decorate the nest with mayonnaise, a little salt. Part of mayonnaise, leave for the formation of eggs of grouse.
9.Lay out salad a lot on the plate in the form of a slot (recessed inside).
10.Do a lot for the formation of eggs. For this cheese and yolk RUB on a small grater, finely chop the dill and mix all with mayonnaise.
11.Obtained plastic mass which can salt to taste.
12.Tip: those who love spicy cheese, you can add a few cloves of garlic in a cheese-egg mixture.
13.The slot on the sides decorate with fried potatoes, on the edge of the obkladyvaetsya sprigs of dill. Inside the nest have a few eggs that roll out of the cheese and egg mass.
Bon appetit!

Home baked ham

oE1NfLSfbj8 Home baked ham

A piece of pork (800-900g)
2-3 tsp salt
2-3 tooth. garlic
2 PCs. of Bay leaf
1 liter of water

1.In boiling water add salt, pepper, spices and Bay leaf. Stir well and cool completely
2.Put it in the meat, cover with film and put in the fridge for 4-5 hours, preferably overnight.
Marinated meat dry, again add pepper, salt, season with spices.
3.Make cuts that are filled with garlic.
4.Preheat the oven to 190 degrees. The meat is placed in the sleeve for baking, put the Bay leaf from the marinade
Sleeve seal, make a few cuts
5.Bake for approximately 1 hour. In an hour you can cut the top of the sleeves to the pork flushed
Bon appetit!

Cake «Potato» custard


— custard
— 200 ml of milk
— 100 g butter
— 2 tablespoons sugar
— 2 tablespoons of flour
— 1 egg
— 300 g crumbs from biscuits
— 2 tablespoons cocoa
— 50 g nuts (optional!)

1. Nuts chop or grind in a meat grinder, mix with crumbs. Add the cocoa.
2. Prepare the custard:
3. Sugar flour and vanilla pour a little milk (stir with a whisk to avoid lumps!)
4. Beat the egg, mix well. The rest of the milk pour into a saucepan and heat.
5. A thin stream pour the egg-milk mixture to hot milk, with constant stirring, at minimum fire!
6. Formula quickly thickens! Add the butter and stir until it dissolves. Remove from the heat.
7. Gradually into the hot cream pour the crumb. Generated cake. The finished cake roll in cocoa or Nesquik drink. Decorate as desired.

Chicken fillet «Surprise»

Chicken fillet «Surprise»

Chicken fillet 3 PCs.
Milk 1 Cup
Medium potatoes 6 PCs.
Onion 1 PC.
Tomato 2 PCs.
Egg 2 PCs.
Garlic 2 — 3 cloves
Cheese 150 — 200g.
Vegetable oil for greasing forms
Mayonnaise ( can substitute sour cream) 3 tbsp
Salt, pepper to taste
Herbs for decoration

1. Chicken fillet cut into pieces not very big. Pour the milk and allow to stand for 1 — 1.5 hours so the chicken became softer. Meanwhile prepare the form of a foil, in which we will prepare our «Surprise».
2. For this purpose the foil is folded several times and stacked on the bottom of the jar. I had this bucket of popcorn. Bends the edge to the cutter was more equal and remove from cans. Molds ready. By the way, in these forms you can bake cakes for Easter.
3. If you did not have at hand a foil, not a problem, prepare a «Surprise» in the usual form. Form set on a baking sheet. Grease each mould with vegetable oil. Potatoes cut into circles and spread into shape. Add salt, pepper.
4. Next, put the onion cut into half rings. Then comes the chicken. Also add salt and pepper to taste. Filling in a bowl break eggs, add mayonnaise and shaken. Pour the chicken filling ( 2 tablespoons per serving). if the fill is not enough, make another batch.
5. On top put a circle tomatoes. Sprinkle with chopped garlic. And sprinkle grated cheese. Sent bake in the oven for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees.
Decorate with greens and serve! Bon appetit!

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