Salad with croutons

Salad with croutons
crunches — 150 gr
cabbage – 300 -350 gr
cucumbers — 150 g yvyEUMNyTMw
corn – 200 g
mayonnaise – 2-3 tablespoons

Than this good salad with crackers? Quickly? Yes! Cheap? Yes! Tasty? How!

All the ingredients are not clearly weight. All in your opinion and taste. What’s more like – and then add more. First, slice the cabbage thinly and elegantly. Now a huge number of special graters, but cut with a knife.

Similarly, the mode of pickles into small pieces. You can add fresh ( if season).

Take 150 grams of crackers. Better if they are cooked at home by yourself. The recipe «homemade Croutons», has been posted on our website (use them). In a salad with croutons, very good spicy croutons (any flavor).

Mix all the ingredients: cabbage, pickles, crackers, corn. Read more »

Chicken salad with eggs and mushrooms

Chicken salad with eggs and mushrooms
Smoked chicken breast — 200 g
Cucumber — 150 g
Pickled mushrooms — 150 g
Onion — 1 PC.
The boiled eggs — 4 PCs.
Mayonnaise or sour cream — to taste qC8G78IIHRY
Green onions or other greens — to taste


1. Cut the mushrooms into slices of medium size, finely chop the onions, lightly fry them, cool.
2. Smoked chicken breast and cucumber cut into thin strips, eggs to grate on a medium grater, chop greens.
3. Put layers from the bottom up:
the first layer — chicken,
the second layer — cucumber,
third layer — mushrooms with onions,
fourth layer — greens,
fifth layer — eggs.
4. To coat with dressing, salt and pepper to taste.
5. Decorate as desired. Read more »

Salad «The Fox»

Salad «The Fox«


-2 chicken breast
-3 pickled cucumber
200gr. Korean carrot
200gr. cheese
-2 cloves of garlic FBqoXgR0rHc


Fillet boil in salted water,then cut into strips (or parsed hands on fiber). Cucumbers also cut into strips,cheese on a coarse grater. Mix fillet.cheese,cucumbers and carrots,add pressed garlic and season with mayonnaise.

Baked tomatoes with minced meat — delicious and beautiful

Baked tomatoes with minced meatdelicious and beautiful Read more »

Rolls of chicken with feta cheese and tomatoes, wrapped in bacon.

Rolls of chicken with feta cheese and tomatoes, wrapped in bacon.

On 6 rolls:
3 chicken breast.
1 medium tomato.
Approximately 100g. cheese «feta»
12 thin strips of the bacon.
3 cloves of garlic (through the press).
2 tsp your favorite spices for chicken. K0TkC0vj7qM
Salt, and the mixture of peppers «windmill» to taste.

Method of preparation:
1. Each fillet cut in half lengthwise to get a plate, lightly beat off.

2. Season with salt and pepper, coat with garlic and spices. Allow to soak at room temperature for 30 min.

3. Preheat the oven to 200 gr.

4. Cheese cut into cubes, roughly the width of a fillet with tomato to do the same.

5. On each fillet put a little block of cheese and tomatoes (on the wide side) and roll a tight roll. Each roll tightly wrap 2 slices of bacon.

6. Lay the rolls in a heat-resistant form (no oil needed) and bake for 20 min-30.
Serve hot with your favorite sauce. (We had garlic with dill)

Note: the Rolls can be prepared in advance for the night/day to put it in the refrigerator, covered with foil, and then just put in the oven, for example before the arrival of guests)

Bon appetit

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